Oriental Orchid opens with a bright floral note from orchid and white floral. The florals become more subdued on the dry down as they become more soft and smooth with the touch of smoky balsamic and dark note by incense, tuber, chocolate and patchouli to create immediate attraction and an enduring fascination.

Rirana Parfume is committed to create a quality niche fragrance. The range of scents is made from natural oils, selected with care and blended with precision. Our ratio of mixing is 60% to 70% essential oil (fragrance) with balance of 40% to 30% is alcohol denat make it perform so great. The concentration even higher than “extrait de parfum” by industrial standard.

Oriental Orchid is categorized as dark balsamic floral scent.

The main notes are :-

  • Orchid
  • White Flower
  • Patchouli
  • Tuber
  • Chocolate
  • Incense


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